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Why Cold Brew?

Like most people, I LOVE coffee! I start my morning with it everyday. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold.... But always coffee! I often use it as a little kick starter before my morning run or workout but it isn’t even the caffeine that does it for me. It’s that rich, comforting flavour. A morning coffee just feels right.

Last Summer I was introduced to Cold Brew coffee for the first time and it blew my mind. Not only is the flavour smooth and glorious in every way, there are also a number benefits, which puts it on a pedestal in my book.

If you are yet to try this liquid gold, here are just a few reasons to get into the cold brew.

Cold Brew is Less Acidic

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than your standard cup of hot coffee. When heated above 70 degrees Celcius, various oils and acids in the coffee grounds are extracted but when it is brewed at room temperature, less acid forms. Lower acidity means it is more gentle on your stomach flora; reducing digestive sensitivities and a big plus... it’s better for your teeth.

Smoother Taste

The brewing temperature can directly affect the flavour of coffee with the heat altering the chemistry and compound ratio extracted from the beans. The cold brew method can retain more aromatic compounds because they are easily evaporated under high temperature. As explained above, cold brew coffee is also less acidic than hot coffee because more acids can be extracted at high temperature, therefore the cold brewed coffee is less bitter and smoother to the taste.


DIY Perfection

Another great bonus of drinking cold brew coffee versus iced coffee is that cold brew can be easily brewed at home, and it is pretty difficult to mess it up. There is no risk of getting watered-down, diluted coffee from brewing your own cold brew like there is with iced coffee or home plunger coffee.

I have been brewing my own Cold Brew at home these last couple of months using the KitchenAid® Cold Brew Coffee Maker and KitchenAid® Burr Grinder . To find out more about these products click on the hyperlinks above or head to the website below.

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