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My Experience with the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier

Breathe with confidence, breathe with meaning, breathe with clarity.

This past month I have been working with a team of experts at LG to discuss the importance of clean air when adopting a holistic approach to health.

While an air purifier is not a necessity in some households I thought I would give you insight into why I chose to be apart of this campaign and the benefit the SIGNATURE range model brings to me and my lifestyle.

Last year my partner and I bought and moved into our first home. Now being our first home in a spiking Sydney market we had to make a few compromises. Although we live in a beautiful location on the coastline south from Sydney our property backs onto a major steelworks factory which at times leaves us concerned about the quality of the air we are breathing.

As an allergy sufferer I was also interested to see how the purifier could help reduce exposure to common triggers like dust and pollen and provide some symptomatic relief when hay fever season hits.

Lastly, sharing the air with my two fur babies. We share our house with two beautiful cats whom I am obsessed with. A downfall of this is that the odor and dander that comes along with them; affecting cleanliness of the air and triggering my allergies.

The SIGNATURE Air Purifier works by humidifying the air and removing various airborne particles including pollen, smoke, dust and pet dander. We have decided to keep ours in our living room area as that is where we (and the cats) spend most of our time and where I do the majority of my training.

One of the most strangely rewarding things I find with the SIGNATURE Air Purifier is visual display within the device which gives you a colour based indication of whether the air you are breathing is clean and pollutant free. The colours work on a scale where green equates to the cleanest air quality and red is on the other end of the spectrum where air quality is low. Being in an open coastal town here on the South Coast I am lucky that colour scale never falls below yellow (the grading under green) but it is awesome the see the purifier working its magic.

The biggest take home message is that your health doesn’t just stop with your exercise and eating habits, you also need to be aware of your surrounding environment: removing any pollutants that clutter your mind and the air you breathe.

If you would like to find more about the LG SIGNATURE range and the SIGNATURE Air Purifier head to the link below.

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